Elaboration and a Sneak Preview, all Before Lunch.

I sit here, and as I type, and I realise that this is not going to be easy. Getting out of your comfort zone, getting rid of old habits, is never easy. Some might say it’s easy to poke a bee’s nest and suffer the stings than to change the ways that you’ve become set in.

Some? Try just you, you psychopathic cliche-spewing maniac.

Oh, shush.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have to say that I’m not setting up this blog as a daily journal, similar to the style many of you would have experienced as youngsters, when you go “Dear diary, today I did X and then I did Y, and since I’d already done X I decided to go and do some heroin and cocaine while I was at it.” Those who are privy to the existence of the blog have asked me in jest. I have replied with greater jest.

I’m not entirely sure what I mean by that.

This blog, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, is to chronicle my progress on the journey to self-improvement. This could be through the listing of certain things that have happened to me, or through the random flurry of writing such as this particular post that does not seem to have any purpose other than to satisfy my desire to get thoughts on paper.

Paper? This is the Internet, you fool. There is no paper here. Why, there’s hardly even words, only a mass of jumbled bits of code which just so happen to arrange themselves to form lett-

I thought I told you to shush.

Forgive him. Err, me.

That satisfies the elaboration promised in the title, and now on to the sneak preview.

There are a few topics which I had in mind for discussion on this ‘ere blog. Most of them are relatively harmless but occupy a large part of my mind. Others, on the other hand, could possibly get me hauled off by various groups, official or otherwise (I’m looking at you, KKK) to be subjected to increasingly gruesome forms of torture (Rebecca Black? No. Please. Have mercy. I’ll… I’ll do anything.) I’ve listed some of them below.

-My own personal flaws

-Views on education

-Views on religion

And various others, the list is updated as and when I feel inspired to talk about something. As with all budding writers-

*Derisive snort*

*ahem* as I was saying, as with all budding writers, I think I may need to plan out the post before I actually make it, so it may not be as frequent as a daily blog. I’m hoping to achieve maybe 3 blog posts a week? If I’m lucky. Also, I may occasionally run out of ideas, known to most as writer’s block but in my case referred to simply as ignorance and a massive amount of laziness. In such an event, I will be scouring the web for material, and hopefully am able to find something.

This is part of my decision to not let a lack of ideas stop me. Just because I don’t personally have ideas does not mean I shouldn’t write something, one can always source for inspiration from a multitude of sources.

That is a rough outline of the blog, and if you feel like sticking around to see the kind of trouble I run into while I’m doing this, then welcome! If not, thanks for dropping by.

Till next time, people.

Peace out.

… OI.

Ok, ok, bye. Till next time, auf wiedersehen, yadda yadda, you get the idea. 

Much better, disembodied voice in my head.

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