Random Thoughts

I’ve made 4 posts, and I think that I’m slowly figuring out what this blog is going to be. I don’t know whether it will be successful in being what it is supposed to be. But I know it will be.

That made no sense, you ranting buffoon.

I was thinking-

Never a good thing when he thinks, I can tell you that much.

As I was saying.

The more I go through the motions of daily life, the more I get to thinking that maybe this isn’t what I want to be doing.

Who says that the way laid down by others is the very same that you must travel? Who dares to stop you from making your own? Who dares?

The link is to a website I think all of you (read: 3 people) should visit, zenpencils.com. It’s an amazing website, trust me on this.

Anyway, I’ve been studying hard for my midterms, so that would explain the relative dead-ness (dead-ness????) of the blog, as much as a blog with 4 posts can be relatively more dead.

But I’m working on a new post, so it should be up by tonight if not tomorrow.

Till then.


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