Everything also must STOMP

There’s a common saying about Singaporeans that seems to travel through various forms of communication and social media, and that is that Singaporeans love to complain. About anything and everything. I, for one, believe that to be untrue.

Singaporeans love to STOMP about everything and anything.

Now, I know that many people will say it’s essentially the same thing, but to me it’s different. See, complaining is relatively harmless because really, what’s the worst that could happen? You whine and bitch for a while to your friends, and then they nod and agree, and then you all move on with your lives.

STOMPing, however, has slightly more far reaching consequences.

Yeah, the way Hitler was slightly less accepting of different races than the average Joe. Or Hans. 

You have been deemed as extremely annoying by forces not in my control (read: opinions), and hence by sheer force of will (and excessive medication and self-censorship) you shall become a slightly less prevalent face around here.

Yeah, su-

Zip it.

Back to my point, (I’m quite surprised that worked, honestly) which is that when one is STOMPed, it makes one that much more embarrassed. They become acutely aware of the fact that some total stranger took a photo/video of them and put it up on the Internet, which has a horrifyingly long (not to mention distorted) memory. And in some cases, this is totally justified, but in others, well…

It’s just sad what people are willing to do for a measly $50 these days.

I understand that citizen journalism is meant to encourage the common man to stand up and be counted. I get that it’s supposed to empower the citizenry to not stand by and let injustice happen, or… something.

But then… this. And… this.

And… Oh god, there are so. Many. Of. Them.

Granted, there are a lot of good posts there. But it seems like lately, there are more articles being contributed by the STOMP team than by the citizens. Which in itself is all fine and good. I mean, why not let the creators of the site get in a few words too, right?


However, the fact that there is a form of reward (monetarily speaking) for this kind of work brings in people desperate to earn a quick buck, and so they resort to taking issue with anything and everything people do.

Don’t get me wrong, I think citizen journalism is a good thing in theory. Why not give people a chance to exercise their own news reporting skills? And with the fact that a newsworthy event can happen anywhere, why not give the lucky few who happen to be at the right place in the right time a chance to capitalise on their luck?

This exact reason is why citizen journalism fails as well. You cannot have such a system in a country where people love to complain about everything from the weather to their own lack of basic common sense, and expect it not to be abused. At the same time however, you cannot expect any system to succeed fully. The only thing that can be done, I suppose, to combat douchebags like this would be to add a moderator, a filter of sorts to distinguish the newsworthy from the rantings of insane psychopaths off their medication (wait a MINUTE… what am I then?) . Yet wouldn’t that be kinda sorta defeating the purpose?

Then again, here the freedom of press doesn’t really apply does it? If it’s citizen journalism then does it actually count as press? Hmm.

Again, I’m not too sure what the point of this post is. That happens a lot. I wonder why.

… I really expected a sarcastic comment. Wow.


So basically, he’s said that the complete spastic retards who post useless stuff on STOMP and the like can be likened to the whiny friend we all have who’s never happy with anything and yet doesn’t bother to change anything that they can, content instead to complain non stop until their own brain rebels and proceeds to leak itself out their noses and abandon ship.

Egyptians used to use long crowbar-like things to remove mummies’ brains from their noses.

The voices in my head have a name. They are the people of Blearghfagargh, and they are my minions.

EDIT: This was supposed to be a well-reasoned discussion of the pros and cons of citizen journalism, but I started reading STOMP and I got so bloody annoyed with the useless crap there. So I decided to simply rant while hiding behind the giant behemoth of perceived cleverness that permeates a large majority of my life.

You saw NOTHING.

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