The Rat Race

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programme of mugging and guilt,

oh my god why didn’t you start studying earlier, you’re going to suffer now you fool, you deserve to be taken outside put against a wall and shot with a pellet gun that stings, doesn’t really kill you but just leaves painful warts that just burn and hurt non


I bring you this quick fix (I got that term form, go check out the site, dear reader. Yes, singular. There is but one, based on past visit history. 😥 don’t cry for me, citizens of Blearghfagargh.) on my thoughts about this grand competition we call life.

The Rat Race. Far from being a comedy about random strangers being forced to race across the world for a large sum of money, it is actually the crude term attached to the race of life, where success makes you a winner, and failure leaves you a mindless drone forced to do the bidding of others. Or worse yet, at the very bottom rungs of society, homeless and suffering.

I think the concept of the race is a fundamental flaw in our education system. Since when did learning become about getting the best grades so you can get the best job instead of, say, about learning? I may be idealistic, but I know that I have never been happier than when I was learning because I wanted to. Studying because good grades are the surest way to a good job is a myth. I firmly believe in that. Don’t you think that if that was the case then there would be no problems with unemployment as long as students worked hard and got good grades? Yet you still hear about the college graduate with good grades and several internships accumulated through the course of his college education whose academic excellence have failed to procure him a job.

Why does this happen?

At some point during the past few years, we (as a society) have somehow started putting into our children’s heads that grades and academic development are more important than a holistic education. Stress is placed on achieving academic benchmarks, rather than developing a child’s creativity (something I consider to be one of the greatest wonders of the human race). Instead, we stifle creativity in the name of conformity. “Get good grades, get a good job,” we tell them over and over. And so they sacrifice learning for repetition, knowledge for the cheap substitute of recollection.

There is a larger argument to this. It was very neatly spelled out by Ms Monica Lim in her article, Letter to Mr Heng Swee Keat. The article struck a chord with me, particularly her comments about the use of “good phrases.” How can you expect to promote creativity, and innovation, when the education system itself is limiting the judgement of good language to a set number of phrases? I don’t think that’s the best thing to do.

But then again, having been through the system, and currently being less than average in terms of academic performance, maybe I’m just bitter. Maybe I’m simply sore that I’m not doing too well academically and hence am labelled dumb or I have less opportunities presented to me. Perhaps my dissatisfaction is not with the system, but with myself.

Either way, I have a pile of studying that needs to be done and 3 weeks to finish it in. Wish best of luck, and I hope I can survive the coming storm. Rest assured, this topic will be broached again once my head has been screwed on right (after the myriad of brain-cell imploding tests that I shall be studying for, to prove my worth to a society that, for all intents and purposes, may not even need my particular skillset once I’m out of this institution.)


So basically, this foo’ be talkin’ bout the need for like, a better school system and shit, yo. He like, “Damn, this constant talk of grades be makin’ me feel stoopid and conformist, man! We need to like, find a better system or some shit, now hold ma stuff while i go study and think about this kinda crap!”

And so, once again, your day is wasted, thanks to the incessant rambling of Ganesh!


A/N: I do not mean to sound racist in any way, I simply find different accents very funny, and I like to impersonate them. You will find that various comedians do the same thing, and they get paid for it. I love all kinds of people. We are all of one race, and that be human.

Arr, avast.

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