Not Good.

I am not happy with myself.

Granted, most of my resolutions are in place. I’m stretching everyday, I’ve sold some of my games, I’m still advertising my PS3 (Although now I’m wondering if I should sell JUST my games and keep my PS3, so that the last game I play shall be GTA V because OMG OMG IT’S GTA FRICKING FIVE IN ROMAN NUMERALS THAT’S LIKE, A SIGN IT’S GONNA BE AMAZING AND ok BREATHE.)

But I haven’t been studying like I said I would. Part of it boils down to inertia (it’s hard to start studying everyday when the whole holidays was spent systematically stewing your brains on horrifyingly bad TV shows and watching it slowly turn to the mush that Kumar pours out of his shoe in Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay. Awesome movie, that was, by the way, everyone should watch it. Deep and profound-thought-invoking. Very mature, and well-constructed movie about deep issues.), and the other part is just laziness. Essentially the same thing. But still.

But the biggest reason for my general lack of discipline is that I don’t have a schedule. I need a schedule. One I can stick to. Or that can stick to me. Either one, I’m rather confused right now, and incapable of distinguishing between the 2. It has to be specific, and detailed. So that I don’t have an excuse to not stick to it.

Most importantly, of course. I HAVE TO STICK TO IT.

He said, as he took his own sweet time to finish a post that was supposed to have been done a few days ago, but was forgotten in favour of his latest entry which (I’m guessing) made him a lot of new enemies. This on top of the fact that there is a plethora of assignments he should be doing but has instead decided he would rather spend his time engaging in activities that will almost guarantee his spot on the roster of the NUS McDonald’s cashier crew.

*sigh* I should be doing so many things. But I’m not. Ah well.

But back to the point. My timetable has finally been… Finalised (*facepalm*) and it is now available to be added on to. So hopefully with a little bit of planning, and a lot of discipline. I will be able to get back on track.

Yeah that’s the way to go. Add another activity to your list. And you can’t even run fast what event are you gonna…

Not track team, you doof. How do you manage to alternate between scathing remarks and mind-numbing stupidity so quickly?

Oh. Cos you’re me. Right.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my latest post. Please don’t hate me for it, I’m… Not very good at dealing with people hating me.


I hope it can be the start of a series, a different kind of take on the nuisances people have to face.

There’s more that I wish to say, but I shall cut myself short, in the interest of brevity and spiffyness. Yes.

Maybe next time. I have another post in mind, not one that’s going to be light-hearted but more personal. But you’ll have to wait to see that. Lets see how it goes.

Till then, thank you. For reading. For caring. For psychoanalysing. And for hating.

Haters gonna hate. #yolo #swag

Kill me now. Please.

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One Response to Not Good.

  1. sarah says:

    Mcdonald’s has a spot in the nus career fair booklet. #imjustsayin 🙂 just start and it all becomes easier. lets.

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