This be a generic shoutout to random people things who be asking me the reason behind my so-called deadness (deaded-ness?) from my blogging. The reason is, as always, the mountain of work which I wish were a molehill to be made a mountain of. Decipher that if you wish. But sadly, ’tis true. The piling up of work, both from schoolwork and also non-school related stuff (Dance, mainly) has led me to question my sanity on multiple occasions. Thankfully, the question is still being met with a resounding lack of an answer (due to the… lack… of…. sani-screw it, if you didn’t get it too bad MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!).

As such, I will be taking a break from writing about life-related things for a while, to focus on studying and dance. Rest assured, this is not the end of the blog, I have 4 blog post ideas in mind, and shall try to work on them as often as time permits, but as I am currently unable to focus on anything other than the fact that I have a lecutrer who’s pants are literally held up by his own nipples (seriously, I didn’t even know they invented pants with zippers that LONG), I shall have to slow down production of the diabolical works related to my blog.

Please don’t hate me, all my imaginary followers! As for you, citizens of Blearghfagargh, fear not, for you have not been forgotten. Quickly, now, back to the Town Hall of the brain.

I shall now leave you with a quote from man, much wiser than myself.


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