Backflippable Pancakes of Awesomeness and a Choreographed Smile

This is the one where I talk about an event that happened quite a while ago, but that I think needs to be written about. For me, at least.

I had a concert recently (somehow it seems longer and longer ago the more I put off this post. THE NATURE OF TIME, holy moley moley moley.) called EMCC. It was a Blast! concert, and those of you who know me know that this concert meant a lot to me. It was my first ever Blast! Concert, and this means something to me.

I tried out for Blast! in year 1 (oh man, my phones habit of capitalising the letter after the ! in Blast! is gonna get annoying as hell), back before I knew much about dance. Back then, I was cocky. Arrogant. Ignorant. Lots of other -antsy words. I thought it shouldn’t be a problem.

I didn’t get in.

That crushed me. More so when I saw my friends. What did they have that I didn’t? Were they better than me? The answer was, of course, yes.

I see now that I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to get into a club with some of the most passionate dancers I’ve ever met. I couldn’t hope to count myself amongst them unless I was first ready to work like they had. Resting on my laurels was the worst thing I could have done. And that is why I am happy I didn’t get in in year 1.

I saw my friends learn so much, and come back after every Blast! lesson gushing about how fun it was, saw them go through SUAD and improve so damn much, saw them make great friends and make tremendous leaps in self-confidence, and become amazing people. And that is why till today, I regret being so complacent and arrogant that I didn’t get in.

When I finally got in, I was ecstatic. Realisation of a dream and all that. But I couldn’t wait. Finally a chance to dance with other Blastards. So when EMCC came around, I couldn’t wait.

I was assigned to Eugene and Jessen’s item. I think God was looking out for me on this one. I consider myself the luckiest guy alive everyday for being sorted into this item. The dancers, the choreographers, the item. I look back now and I can’t help but feel an intense sense of longing for the incredible people I got the honour of dancing beside. A longing for the practices. The camaraderie. The belief in the item as a whole. Our faith in our choreographer. The unspoken promise made, to carry on no matter what. To make the item work. The amazing sense of connection to the story. Realising how much it meant to me. The story itself. Realising how appropriate it was. Learning how every dancer could relate.

Thank you guys. You guys have made this journey an amazing one for me. You are the definition of what a dancer should be. Passionate, humble, ridiculously hardworking, and a blast to be with. I love all of you.

Although EMCC is over, I will never forget all the good times, or the bad. Nor will I forget any of you. Thank you. You made me realise what it means to be a dancer. And you give me inspiration to work hard everyday. Also you remind me to never forget where I came from, to never let things get to my head. To always remember that no matter how good anyone thinks he or she is, there will always be one better. And that you can never hope to rest on your laurels.

Thank you. For teaching me so much. I hope I wasn’t too much of an idiot to you guys, haha.

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