I shall not conform and call this post an update because it is not an update. It is a downdate. I haven’t exactly thought of the difference yet, and I cannot particularly be bothered to… bother about thinking of the difference.

Accept it, you shall.

I have not put up new posts for a variety of reasons, ranging from the valid (“A fire in my desktop caused all files that had paper avatars to catch… fire, and were thus rushed to the safety of the nearest place, which was, incidentally, the recycle bin.) to the downright absurd (Wait, I think I messed up the order. I was lazy and swamped with work.)

But as I have so obviously fallen off the wagon, I shall take the time now to renew my resolve and put right this travesty. I shall be posting regularly once more. Insert mental slap right here-OW.

Ok, moving on. The masterclass post was actually meant to have been put up earlier, but due to the stupidity of certain people (me), certain other people (me) were unable to get the draft out. I must admit, I severely overestimated my signal carrier’s 3G penetration ability (heh. Yes, that is something I find funny. hehe.), which lead to me finishing the post on the WordPress app, only to later discover that none of it was saved.

“But O Great Ganesh!” I hear the multitudes who read my blog (I assume that’s what they wish to call me, I may be slightly exaggerating my importance in people’s lives) ask. “Why didn’t you write it down in your Notes app, and then later copy it to your WordPress app once the 3G connection was more secure?” And to them I say this: Could you just not… Like, ok?

I didn’t realise that it was an option. Yes, this shows you my foresight and planning abilities. And once again enables you to see the difficulties I face in achieving the primary objectives of this blog. Which is to make myself more dependable, responsible, and an all-around better person.

As such, the masterclasses post was long delayed.

But now on to the life… happenings. I realise the word update would be better but I already said I don’t want to use it which means that I’m going to stubbornly stick with my decision even though it was clearly the wrong decision and oh god I’ve got to stop typing now before my brain goes all fuzzy and welcome to my crazy lab muahahahahahaha.

Erm… Hi. I’m back.

I got an internship, working for DSO (Google be your best friend). I’m involved in a convert taking place on 13 September, 2013. It’s the Recognize Recital, held by Recognize Studios. If anyone reading is free, please do go down and watch, it’s gonna be amazing. So many talented dancers are going to be performing, so please make sure you go down and support the talent.

These updates will be further elaborated and discussed in future posts, except for the update about DSO because I’m not sure how much I can disclose. Hmmm. I fear for my life. Can you feel the raw naked fear rolling off your screen in waves, penetrating (heh) your very core and purging your mind of all thought save the one, the most important one, of self-preservation?

No? Meh. Me neither.

The next few posts shall be about events happening in my life which have prompted me to think about my own views on the issues surrounding these events. I find that I no longer have a choice but to speak up, and speak out. Within the confines of a blog which, for all I know, is secretly being tracked. But I care not, for the danger. I laugh in the face of Danger, which is my middle name. Danger be ma bitch.

(Looks at above paragraph, and shakes head.) I’m SO badass.

Anyway, that be the end of this post. Pray for me, my children, that I may spew forth more nonsensical writing in the hopes of spreading my word to those who need to hear it most (mental asylums, psychiatrists looking for new patients, you get the general idea.)

Cheerio! Toodles! Fare thee well, stranger!

Alright, bye already.

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