Of News, Hurrahs and Invitation-Only Events

So here’s some news: I’m done with my finals. Hurrah. Off to my post-finals event which only some people are invited to.

There, the entire premise of this post in one short paragraph. Off you go now, on to the other sites which claim to be portray unbiased viewpoints but are really just immature blogs with more followers.

I’m looking at you, TRS.

But on to the main point of this post: News. I am, in fact, done with finals, and I have been putting off writing on this blog for almost a year, but I simply didn’t think I had anything to say that would be worth reading.

That’s not to say that I think otherwise now, because I still don’t see what I could possibly contribute to other people’s lives as a writer who has an inane ability to spin off into tangents and cosines about Spider-man’s ham-filled exploits in the city of Dufresne where he once had a cell.

You get my point, I hope.

It’s been an insane year for me. I’ve taken my life’s directions more seriously for a while, I’ve learnt a lot about how to be a good friend and son and more. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe (well, mostly in my own head but I’ve SEEN IT. I SEE THE TRUTH… And that’s the end of the voice in my head having any credibility.)

Because… Voices in heads have a prior level of credibility that is inherent?

I was also made Captain of NUS Dance Blast! which to me is an incredible honour. It’s something I never thought possible for myself. Now that it has happened it’s opened an entirely new set of doubts-I mean, doors. Doors is what I meant, of course I wouldn’t be talking about the doubts I have if I’m good enough or if anyone would listen to me given my total lack of experience and credibility and… Yeah. I’m talking about doors.

So there.

I got an internship for the summer, at ST Kinetics. I didn’t get it due to my incredible engineering talents (I CAN MAKE FRIED EGGS AND I KNOW HOW TO LIGHT A STOVE! FEAR ME MORTALS!), neither did I get it by applying with the rest of the people in my batch. I got it through back door (there’s a “screwed-her-way-to-the-top joke there somewhere. I’m sure of it.) Long story short, my Design project supervisor enquired as to our intention to apply for an internship and I declared myself highly incapable of acquiring one on my own, and so I got this one.

Apparently at first go, my brain thinks the word “uncapable” exists. Ah, spellcheck, thou art fair as the day is long.

I’m also joining the Super24 (S24 for short) competition as part of Dance Blast!, and I’m really excited and awed by the immense difference between competition preparation and concert preparation. It’s humbling to see the amount of effort those around me put into the competition, and their refusal to give up pushes me on too. I’m thankful to be working with such people.

I also decided to change the title of the blog (can you tell, non existent reader? Yes, I’m still making nonexistent reader jokes though, but you wouldn’t understand, cos you’re not here. Ta-daa. Another one. Boom, I am on fire today.)

Today I decided that a Fire Ambulance was a thing. It’s what fires call when they’re injured.

Believe me when I say that you do NOT want to know the circumstances which led to that declaration of an alternative form of emergency support.

(HINT: It has to do with a particularly painful bout of bowel movement.)

Graphic enough for you yet?

So this blogs title has changed and with it, the focus. I do have deep thoughts (or really immature ones parading around as deep ones, to which I say, BRAVISSIMO! What a performance! You are a true maestro of the art form, sir. To mask yourself as a profound thought when in reality you’re just a fancy turd, is nothing short of miraculous on your part. Well done old chap.) but I much prefer ranting in general.

Therefore, this shall be, as mentioned, the chronicles of my struggles to fulfil a self-declared potential I feel I may possess.

As inspirational as that may sound, rest assured, not only will you get to see my struggle every step of the way, but you will also be pleased to hear that it starts right….


Screw it.

Can’t think of a catchphrasey sounding goodbye, so too bad. You’ll have to satisfy yourself with this turd-based pun of one.


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