So I’ve been watching The Newsroom a lot more over the past few days, primarily because I’m SO DAMN FREE (there’s sarcasm there, I am, as ever, burdened with tasks and responsibilities I have no intention of fulfilling) and also because it’s just such a good show. 

If that’s what being a journalist is like, sign me up. 

Then again, I am far too aware that a television show is not an accurate representation of the realities of news reporting to actually believe a show like that. 

So today I’ve got 2 sets of rehearsals/classes where I’m teaching the same thing. I’ve got a project that was given to me on yesterday, that being the first day of my internship in the company that shall henceforth be known as TUL, although that’s not the actual name of the company. The project involves a significant amount of research which I should be doing right now, as I have to present the findings of my research on Thursday. I have choreography which needs to be done, and an item which needs to be practiced for the competition I’m in, under Blast.

And I’m sitting here, blogging. I’m probably just procrastinating, that skill which I have developed in exclusion of all others. I’m actually proud of the fact that I can get a 11-page report done in a day including research and the actual typing and formatting. I should list it as a skill on my resume. “Thrives well under pressure, and thus leaves everything till the very last minute. Rarely misses deadlines, primarily because if he does he’s found a way to extend it, and therefore hasn’t missed it yet.”

My only hope is that any potential employers do not find this blog. Don’t you hate it when your hopes and dreams are smashed by simple things like the fact that a blog that details your flaws happens to carry your name? 

I do. And yet, here I am. On a blog which carries my name. At least it’s not my full name. That would be an article to read in itself. I’m not sure what the point of this paragraph is. But here it is.

Sometimes you think that there might be something bigger out there for you, that there are bigger things to aspire for. Things that can make you feel proud of yourself, make you feel like you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. That’s the kind of feeling coursing through me right now. So here’s to making a difference.

Oops, my drink spilled. I might be slightly drunk as I type this. Ooh, look, the drink’s spreading to the keyn’akhsfoihvsjdbflaksdhfpudhvaskjdbaisudfasjbvasjdbfasjdbflasjdbf;apiufhewalkjcbuiaW.

Ok I got it off. 

I’m kidding I’m not drunk. I’m just up really really early. Had a flu yesterday midway through the day, and stumbled through the rest of the work day. Oh joy, the sheer enormity of the bullshit I’m speaking just hit me.

So I shall stop.


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