Rumblings of… Something.

You hear the rumble as it starts, soft and barely discernible. It could be almost anything, a passing vehicle or the hum of your laptop in the background. Yet there’s something distinct about this sound. Something that isn’t quite right, something that presses against your subconscious, begging you to listen to that voice you tuned out long ago.

You hear the thunder start to build, slow and steady. The vibrations of the sounds start to make your teeth chatter, as you sit uncomfortably, never in one position for too long. You try harder to ignore it, but it’s almost as though the harder you try to avoid it by stepping out of its path the more stubbornly it forces you back into its path, all the while bearing down on you, gathering speed as it heads directly towards you.

You hear the screams of dissent, feel the breath upon your neck of something not altogether unpleasant but something you know you’re going to regret giving in to. You feel the temptation of the wolf in disguise, as its tactics change from your mere obliteration to your seduction. The temptress steps forward, whispering into your ear, promising the world to you should you just give in. If you can just. Give. In.

So why don’t you?

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