Random Ramblings

I’m listening to Meghan Trainor right now and I decided to flip open my laptop and visit a place that I haven’t been to in ages, so long that it’s very existence began to be questioned by me, almost as though System of a Down had personally come to ask my permission to name one of their songs, and though I’m not sure where this is going part of me is sure there’s a point to this post, there has to be a point, I mean why else would I have started writing on a blog that’s essentially been dead for a while most of you may be expecting some sort of continuation to the graduation trip saga that ended so abruptly after part 1, I’m so sorry to disappoint it seems like I do that a lot end blog posts randomly I mean not disappoint but then again maybe I do both very often I’m not too sure I should probably check but then who can I trust to be honest with me trust no on trust no one trust no one the truth is out there macham X-Files maybe I should stop this paragraph here people do always complain that my sentences are too rambly and too long-winded for them to follow then again why should I care what people think please stop fooling around you know precisely why you should care stop acting holier than thou though thou is an interesting word to use I always use random words in posts and statuses is it statuses or statii I don’t even know I’m sure there’s an answer to this question somewhere but where probably on the Internet but that’s where I am right now it would mean I should end this paragraph here and go to the other million and 1 tabs that I have open to check on the plural of this word status but then will I be able to get my flow back I kinda like this flow of one continuous flow of an uninterrupted paragraph of just my thoughts and stuff even though I just got interrupted by people asking me questions though why would they do such a thing there’s no viable form of wisdom I have to offer them other than perhaps random comic book and geek trivia I do identify as a geek and I’m quite proud of it my god I’ve gone totally off track maybe I should get back on it oh yes I was wondering if I should end the paragraph but then I kept going so I should probably end the paragraph and so I shall end this random train of thought here.


I thought I’d just let my brain run free and wild, then reigned it in when I realised it didn’t like to go anyplace other than random dark corners of my mind that shouldn’t be displayed on a public forum. Then I lost the rope to reign it in. So I chased it for a while, herding it to safe pastures. Finally I caged it back, and now you’ll be happy to know the information superlowway of my mind is once again uncluttered and free for exploration.

This has been a post about random ramblings, and I’d like to thank you for taking part in this cruise. Please ensure you didn’t leave any valuables behind, and watch your step on the way out. Thanks for your patronage. Maybe someday soon I’ll add the other posts about my graduation trip. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe all my posts from now on shall be more stream of consciousness writing that takes a hold of me till I let it go. My fingers are hurting now. It’s cold. And my fingers are hurting. My fingers aren’t very well worked out apparently. Next time I’ll warm them up first.

Ok bye.

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