New Year, New Beginning… Again.

So, a year ago, I tried to revive this blog. A year later, I am reviving it again. It seems almost like this in itself is a ritual, a habit that has been cultivated through the feeble mind of someone desperate to practice writing yet simultaneously too lazy to actually do anything about it.

So I try again. Here I am, day 1 of 2016, bidding you readers a fine hello. telling you that this year is going to be different when it’s far more likely that the exact same thing is going to happen.

So why? Why keep doing it? Why keep convincing myself that THIS TIME it’s going to be different, and THIS TIME I’m going to be better, all phrases and songs that I have sung before?

Because we have to. We have to keep trying, despite the countless failures we have endured and the countless more we are sure to endure. We are the delusional ones, we have to be. The ones who think that somehow, things can be different from every other time. That somehow they can succeed where others have failed.

Now I’m not pompous enough to say that I’m a greater fool, or that I am what a country is built on, but I am going to be crazy enough to say that I want to be. I want to try to succeed where others have failed. In this case, the others are still me, just my previous attempts. But I can succeed this time, because there is a magical power that is granted at the start of a new year, one that gives people the ability to spout ambitious dreams to the world and then laugh about it when the dreams fail, because it’s just a New Year’s Resolution and those are meant to fail right? Well, not these.

These New Year’s Resolutions are made, not because it’s the new year, but because they have to be made. Because as I enter a new phase of life, I can no longer simply coast on the coattails of previous phases, and live life the way I’ve been living it. Enough is enough, and I have to make some changes. So here we go, 2016. This is my year. This is the year that I change my life.

New Year’s Resolutions 2016:

1. Be More Disciplined.

This can be so broad, but I want to break it down into 3 categories: Dance, Health, and Personal. For each of these categories, I have certain goals that I want to achieve. There will be further posts, over the next few days, to elaborate on the goals, but for now, sufficing to say, I will be more disciplined.

2. Keep In Touch Better

This goes almost without saying, but I do feel like I have spent far too long a time neglecting my friends. I’m the absolute worst when it comes to replying to messages and keeping in touch, and I can sort of see how that could be taken as me not caring enough to keep in contact and stuff. It’s really not that I don’t want to keep in contact with people, I’m just terribly lazy and bad at replying to messages or initiating gatherings and stuff. So this resolution has to do with that. I’m going to take initiative to show the people who matter, that they matter. I care about my friends, and it’s time I showed it.

So there you have it, my 2 resolutions for this year. As I mentioned, there are sub parts to the first one, but those will be covered in subsequent days. I will be tracking my own progress in this blog, so expect to see more posts about my resolutions.

Also, I need your help, whoever has taken the time to read this far. I lose motivation very easily, I become lazy far too quickly for it to be healthy, so all I’m asking for is this: If you happen to come across a visual medium of motivation, be it a video, or a comic (Like the ones at ZenPencils, but I already subscribed to this so no count) or somthing along those lines, please do share it with me. I may need it at some point. Any motivational material would be extremely beneficial, and I’ll be compiling the stuff that helped me most into a post (maybe) at the end of this year. So I ask for your help in this aspect, and thanks in advance..

With that, I’ve come to the end of this post, and the beginning of a new year, and a new point in my life. I’m anticipating the next few weeks of struggle and failure, because no doubt I will fail in some way or the other. But I’m going to keep trying.

Because I’m a fool.


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