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Of News, Hurrahs and Invitation-Only Events

So here’s some news: I’m done with my finals. Hurrah. Off to my post-finals event which only some people are invited to. There, the entire premise of this post in one short paragraph. Off you go now, on to the … Continue reading

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The Wagon Refused to Be Climbed On.

I’ve fallen off. Massively. This takes dedication, and determination, and lots of discipline, 3 D’s which I am lacking in spades. Here we try again. You gotta try. Keep trying till you fail. Then, you whine and bitch (or, in … Continue reading

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I shall not conform and call this post an update because it is not an update. It is a downdate. I haven’t exactly thought of the difference yet, and I cannot particularly be bothered to… bother about thinking of the … Continue reading

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I had the privilege, on the 3rd of March, of attending a series of masterclasses conducted by Lyle Beniga and Yuko Nakamura. This post will be a reflection on that privilege. It will be about dance, so for those of … Continue reading

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Everything also must STOMP

There’s a common saying about Singaporeans that seems to travel through various forms of communication and social media, and that is that Singaporeans love to complain. About anything and everything. I, for one, believe that to be untrue. Singaporeans love … Continue reading

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