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Overcompensating For The Size Of My Ego.

I was late on the update for this week, so I shall write 2 posts in penance. Ok, the first thing I need to do here is stop making it seem like this is a punishment for myself. I enjoy … Continue reading

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Change is Hard

It’s a Thursday, and I know I said I’d update on my progress every Sunday but that’s why the title is relevant. The first week went alright, I was up every morning doing the workout unless it happened to be … Continue reading

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We Stand Resolute.

This be part 2 of the Resolutions series, helmed by none other than yours truly. From here on out, maybe once a week on Sundays, I’m going to chronicle my triumphs and failures as I embark on this journey. So … Continue reading

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New Year, New Beginning… Again.

So, a year ago, I tried to revive this blog. A year later, I am reviving it again. It seems almost like this in itself is a ritual, a habit that has been cultivated through the feeble mind of someone … Continue reading

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Grad Trip, Part 1: Los Angeles, the Mecca of dance

My graduation trip actually began a year ago, when I first had the idea for it. I’d been dancing for 2.5 years at that point, and I knew that all the best dancers and teachers were in Los Angeles, so … Continue reading

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Of News, Hurrahs and Invitation-Only Events

So here’s some news: I’m done with my finals. Hurrah. Off to my post-finals event which only some people are invited to. There, the entire premise of this post in one short paragraph. Off you go now, on to the … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Balu

Obligatory Disclaimer: WARNING! The following post will contain excessive diving trips into a mind that has no business being dove into. Excessive introspection therefore follows, and those of you who cannot handle such self-searching posts are politely requested to leave … Continue reading

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